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The Danish FrameNet Lexicon

The Danish FrameNet Lexicon contains 5,300 verbs and 6,490 verbal nouns represented in 33,930 different expressions. Compilation was carried out as a joint project between several participants at the University of Copenhagen and Sanni Nimb at the Society for Danish Language and Literature.

More about the project and the data provided can be found in:

  1. Nimb: The Danish FrameNet Lexicon: Method and Lexical Coverage presented at The International FrameNet Workshop 2018
  2. Pedersen, Nimb, Søgaard et al.: A Danish FrameNet Lexicon and an Annotated Corpus Used for Training and Evaluating a Semantic Frame Classifier presented at the LREC 2018 Conference


License: By using The Danish FrameNet Lexicon, you agree to the Danish FrameNet License.

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